About SimReplast

Waste Management

SIM REPLAST SRL provides environmental services, holding an environmental permit. REPLAST SIM aims to mitigate the effects of pollution and support enterprises with flexible integrated solutions for waste management and decontamination.

The company’s strengths are:

– Advanced technical capabilities

– Professionalism, fairness, stability

– The expertise of our specialists in environmental consulting

SIM REPLAST wishes to develop ecological services for industry by investing in logistics and equipment in this sector.

Our company will propose integrated solutions with multiple benefits that reduce time and internal resources allocated to environmental action.

Woman with ivy and recycling bin

Why SimReplast?

Waste Management

Solutions – we offer our clients the best solutions for waste management and environmental protection.

Innovation – we apply innovative methods to mitigate the negative effects of pollution on the environment.

Motivation – we want to diminish the negative effects that pollution has on the environment.

Reputation – Our partnerships in this sector reach back to more than five years and still counting.

SimReplast’s Mission

Waste Management

Annually, in our country, we use on average 5 billion plastic bags. Out of the total of plastic bags produced and utilized globally, only 1% is recycled. Recycling one ton of paper saves up to 15 mature trees from being cut down.

It is important for Romania to align itself with European standards on the matters of selective collection and recycling of waste, at this point, our country only recycling 3% of the entire volume of waste produced, the rest being thrown in a landfill.

Our main mission is to reduce the negative effect of plastics, packaging paper, cardboard, ferrous and nonferrous metals, aluminum and other waste have on the environment.

Thus, we provide complete services of waste management for collection, transportation, storage, waste disposal.